Managed Transportation Services (MTS)

ASPL transportation professionals eliminate your daily tactical execution activities enables you to focus on what really matters; running your core business and achieving your goals. Many companies have outsourced their warehouse operations, building services and IT infrastructure with great success, – 

so why not have a team of experts manage your transportation as well?

Managed Transportation Services (MTS) is an outsourced Transportation Management Solution that leverages our decades of experience, experienced logistics professionals with exceptional insight into the Indian & International transportation market and an extensive carrier network.

We provide tailored solutions designed for every client’s precise requirements.  We will work with you to understand your business and identify where the most effective improvements can be made. Then, we will create an action plan with you so we can achieve your goals.  To top it all off, we will provide you with continual progress reports and information on your transportation processes and the savings generated every step of the way.

The moment you say “GO”, our team of professionals, equipped with state-of-the art technology and proven business methods, will jump into action.  We have the flexibility to rapidly scale up or down as required because we realize the importance of growing with your business. Our systems can accommodate the very largest of implementations and our existing carrier relationships allow us to quickly integrate new capacity options into any solution – all electronically connected to our network.

Our operating approach is to start small, demonstrate real value, and then grow quickly.  This reduces your risk and up-front investment – yet ensures that significant value can be attained as quickly as possible.

In Depth Profiling:
We start by gathering whatever data we can get our hands on. With this, we develop a shipping profile that includes a recent-shipment history to identify all the shipment origins and destinations, the nature and volumes of the goods shipped, the carriers employed and the current rates being paid.

We negotiate favourable pricing arrangements with carriers using the leverage of our aggregated carrier spend, market knowledge and procurement process.

We evaluate delivery performance standards and requirements in conjunction with the carriers being utilized.  We understand that savings cannot come at the expense of service. 

Sophisticated Tactics:
We look for opportunities to improve your network through changing shipment sizes, modes, or frequency.  Sometimes all it takes is another set of eyes to see opportunities where others have not.

Carrier Transitions:
Where warranted, we will assist with substituting current carriers with superior alternatives. We make sure these changes have no impacts on your business operations so you can reap the benefits, without impacting customer service.

Comprehensive Reporting:
We provide daily, weekly, and monthly reports as needed to demonstrate our adherence to customer expectations and tracking toward savings estimates.

Our Expertise in Managed Transportation Services are as follows

  • Our engineered solutions allow you to drive an executable, strategic roadmap for your company’s supply chain. We’ll exceed your requirements by offering flexible engineered solutions to improve the overall service and cost of your supply chain.
  • Our team od dedicated transportation professionals manage your freight with access to a full cadre of supply chain experts in operational strategy, carrier management and procurement, technology and continuous improvement lets you concentrate on your core business functions.
  • We work from detailed, documented and approved SOPs. Translation: If your primary point of contact takes a vacation, you won’t notice.
  • You enjoy flexible capacity because of our carrier relationships.
  • Because of our carrier relationships leverage with carriers for rates and capacity. Where it makes sense, we can combine your less-than-load (LTL) shipments with those of our other customers to drive down costs. Our market leverage and expertise in parcel, truckload, LTL and intermodal shipping facilitate effective relationships, resulting in carrier contracts with superior capacity and costs that can be implemented throughout your company.
  • Get alerts after every shipment arrival or program the system to send only exception alerts. Your diverse and dynamic requirements can be met without your having to invest in dedicated systems resources while reducing your overall transportation costs.
  • Combined Transportation and Warehousing Services - Electronic connectivity, specifically defined SOPs and supply chain visibility provide efficiencies that further reduce your total distribution costs and enhance productivity at the warehouse.